Beautiful Crafts by Heidihoshi – Normon and Sookie inspired!

I just wanted to share this with you guys! The lovely Heidihoshi has made some fantastic origami cards inspired by my dear Normon and his sister Sookie. Please do check out her site as she is very talented and sells some beautiful crafts in her Etsy shop.

Thank you so much Heidihoshi, you have made my day!

Heidihoshi's Adventures

This is my second tribute to bloggers who have inspired me.  You can read my first tribute here.  

Today, I am dedicating my post to one of my favourite children’s story writers, booandlittleman. I was hooked the moment I read her story about Normon, a little witch’s cat that was ostracized because he was born different. Instead of being a green-eyed black kitty as all witch’s cats ought to be, he was a blue-eyed tabby with one white paw.

I couldn’t resist folding an origami cat in these colours. Now tabby print origami papers are not easy to find. So I decided to add the stripes myself.


Then I had to incorporate his blue eyes.


As promised, I named him Normon. I think he turned out pretty cute, don’t you think?

Christmas card, Santa Hat, origami Cat, Tabby Cat A warm and fuzzy Christmas purrfect for Normon, the witch’s most special cat

I already folded…

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